Mother nature recently came to spoil the party for the launch of the Challenge Québec Motocross (CQMX) season in Issoudun. It caused quite a headache for the organizers because of the predicted rain, but fortunately that didn’t prevent the runners from turning out in large numbers, putting on a good show on the track and enjoying generous scholarships.

“ We had big problems all week preparing for the circuit, explains promoter Hubert Rousseau. What we did, we tapped the circuit instead of working it. We hardened it as much as possible depending on the weather. We prepared a circuit as a result of the rain. It was a good decision because we had a bit of rain like that. We had very good conditions despite everything, really. Hats off to the track; we saved the show. ”

Many runners showed up at the starting line despite unstable weather conditions. While many proudly represented Quebec, others had traveled several hours from the United States, Ontario or Nova Scotia to take part in this first event held during the weekend of the National Patriots Day.

“In total, we had more than 1000 registrations, on that, it’s a success, rejoices the head of CQMX. As they say, we didn’t expect anything with the weather forecast, but [luckily] the world answered the call. We had little surprises that rolled well ahead. It was fun to see that. It took away a little [the emphasis] on Quebecers. ”

To ensure that the first races go smoothly and without too many technical problems, the CQMX circuit has called in reinforcements by almost doubling its staff. The schedule features eight major events this season, which is expected to conclude on Labor Day.

“ I think it’s a good balance and we should keep our clientele”, believes Hubert Rousseau.”


Charles-Antoine Arès is back in force

Even if they did not manage to practice much on the track before the start of the season due to injuries or lack of time, the Ares brothers, from Lawrenceville, have nothing to be ashamed of their performance in Issoudun. Far from there.

Injured last February due to a tear in the ligaments, Charles-Antoine Arès had not seen much action since the end of his snocross calendar. And if he had the approach of only amassing points in the standings, he still finished second overall in Inter MX2 250 and Inter MX3 450.

“ I arrived at the races with only five hours of practice, comments the main interested party. We ran out of time a lot. It still went well. I was only going there for championship points. I didn’t put any pressure on myself. […] I am starting to regain my cardio and my physical form before. ”

In his second year at Inter, Charles-Antoine believes that the caliber is comparable to last season even if excellent riders from lower classes have been added to the group. His goal, however, remains the championship at the end of the season even if his preparation was short-lived.

Emrick Arès shines among the pros

In his first appearance with the pros, Emick Arès also turned heads on the track. He finished 2nd overall in the Expert MX2 250, 11th in the Expert MX3 450 and 11th in the Superfinal. An adaptation that only lasted a few hours after having mastered the new power of its engine.

“ It is certain that […] the caliber is advanced, he notes. [Riders] are getting stronger and stronger, but all the time in the same class. We are more distanced on the track; the first three or four are really faster. ”

Just like his brother, Emrick had a quick start to the season without spending too much time in the saddle. Despite everything, he is satisfied with his performance.

“ We had maybe seven hours in fact on the two bicycles in all, he says. We really didn’t have a lot of preparation compared to the other drivers. It still went well. There were still a lot of falls and we managed not to […] lose positions because of that. ”

By the end of his calendar, Emrick Arès would like to rank among the top three in Expert MX2 250 although he is hopeful of finishing at the top. And finishing in the top five in Expert MX3 450 is his game plan for this season.

It should be noted that Quebecer Kaven Benoît won top honors in Expert MX3 450 during this first weekend of races on the CQMX circuit.