GPSV Ambassador : Megan Brodeur and the desire to outdo herself

Written by Vincent Lambert


It’s hard to remain indifferent when Megan Brodeur finds herself on the track. The one with the 31 plate has dominated her sport for several years now. Her desire to surpass her limits sets her apart and certainly inspires young emerging women who wish to follow in her footsteps. The Coaticook native athlete is more than happy to act as an ambassador for her discipline. Her passion began at the age of eight when she had a small 120cc snowmobile that is widely used today by young people on the circuits. After the first competition, she got the bug instantly. “I competed from the age of ten in junior classes in Quebec,” said the athlete who teams up with Anderson Racing. I rose through the ranks in the junior classes and the [female] classes in Quebec. And then, in 2014, at the age of 14, 15, we went to do our first competition at the US National. Since then, I have competed there.

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“The last season of Megan Brodeur was all the same in the current context of the pandemic according to the main interested party. She finished second in the women’s national rankings behind Malene Andersen. “Of course, in terms of travel, it was more difficult for me to travel between races and to be able to train at home afterwards,” explains the athlete who will begin to study administration at university.

In terms of the race circuit, I was far from my family, although I had my father on the other hand who was present with me. It was an adaptation. It was different this year. We still managed to bring home a few victories and finish fairly close in the championship. Megan Brodeur finished her calendar in good health and she fought some great battles against her opponents. Despite everything, she is not yet thinking of the next season; she allows herself time after having also experienced adversity.

“This year, it looks like it’s a special case,” admits Megan, who is grateful for the support of her family. The way my season ended, the way the season went, I’ve been through a lot this year versus the other years. Looks like I need more time to step back and not think about it too much. So I give myself time and when the time comes and the time is right, I’m going to think about it a bit, but I don’t have any clear goals in my head. It’s not set in stone. “


A “Feeling” that is difficult to beat 

While out on the track on her snowmobile, Megan Brodeur experiences an adrenaline overload after jumping through the air. This is what she loves about her sport. The desire to always surpass herself and give the best of herself. “Basically, we do it because we like it,” she says. We like the feeling it gives us. We like to go and get that energy. It makes you want to grow. […] Sure, once you get the taste of winning, it’s hard to beat that feeling. We all race because we have a competitive spirit and want to win. That’s why we do it because we want to go for the first step of the podium. Although there is still work to be done to further promote women’s snocross, Megan Brodeur notes that the young generation is increasingly present. And that’s good news.

“Our goal is to show how we, as women, can be interesting to watch in the races, too,” she says. We want more girls in the classes. I believe that over the years we have created visibility. There is still a lot of work to be done, to be sure, but it is already better.

Every year it gets better and better. “The athlete believes that in order to be successful you must first love your sport. This is what will allow the next generation to stand out and reach the highest heights. “What is most important for me is to love your sport and to enjoy practicing it because that is what will make you want to continue and achieve a specific goal”. Megan Brodeur will have a busy summer with training, work and school. But we can bet that when it comes back to the track, she will put on quite a show for the motorsport fans who are just waiting for this moment.

A season filled with adversity for Jordan Lebel

Written by Vincent Lambert


After dominating in several categories over the past two years, Jordan Lebel was feeling ready for moguls in his first season in the Pro Lite class. However, Jordan had to overcome adversity due to some injuries.  His determination and courage, however, enabled him to get back in the saddle before the end of the season. In his first event, the native of Chicoutimi was involved in a major accident. Result: fractured four vertebrae as well as a laceration to one kidney and spleen. Against all odds, the young prodigy found a way to get back into competition after a month of inactivity. And he won his first final at Fargo in his new category, nothing less! 

“Seriously, when I got back on the track, I had no fear,” says the athlete. I was ready to start over. Even though he wasn’t able to be in the action as much as he would have liked, Jordan Lebel is still happy with what he has accomplished this season. He found a way to let all his talent speak for itself and show that he was ready to make the leap to Pro Lite. “

For the time that I’ve been there, it’s been good, admits the man who teams up with Boss Racing. I was the first to have two first positions in Pro Lite. I was ready except I got my back in the first race so I missed three races. In my opinion, it still went well for the three races that I was there. Jordan Lebel, who until recently played in the Sport class, makes no secret of the fact that he likes the level of racing in his new category as athletes spend more time on the track. 

© photo : RideX365

“The biggest difference, I would say, is the time you have on the track,” says the racer who has been competing since the age of six. We have a lot more time for finals and qualifying. It’s a lot more fun! The one who wears the 511 plate was unable to complete his schedule due to a broken wrist in three places during practice. Now recovered from this injury, Jordan Lebel intends to take a few days off and then start his preparation again for the next season. 

“For next year, I’m just going to practice as much as I have practiced this year to get as close as possible,” insists the young athlete. I think this year I was ready to be able to compete against these guys. I’m just going to work even harder at the start of next winter. To keep fit this summer, Jordan Lebel will get on his bike and ride on provincial and regional tracks. He also plans to do some shopping in the United States just for fun and to see the sponsors who support him. 

The last season has been filled with adversity for what is considered one of the best prospects in snocross. His persistence and tenacity will certainly have aroused the admiration of many in the world of motorsport. To keep up with this athlete, follow him  Facebook and Instagram.

A highly anticipated start to the season

Written by Vincent Lambert


The pandemic may strike the province, but it will not prevent athletes from tackling the moguls and racing at full speed on the various circuits, including that of the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt (GPSV).


The SCMX Provincial Snocross Championship recently unveiled its preliminary schedule for the next season, and everything indicates that racing enthusiasts will be stopping in the heart of snowmobiling the weekend of February 13th-14th, much to the delight of the organization.


“The GPSV team is very proud to be able to help support sport and its athletes,” says Executive Director Véronique Lizotte. The family and authentic values ​​of SCMX are perfectly aligned with those of the GPSV. “

Because sanitary standards and Public Health measures are continually evolving, the preliminary schedule may need to adopt changes during the season. But for the SCMX team, there was no question of giving up competitions.

“Snocross is booming in Quebec,” admits SCMX director Mathieu Buteau. We are forecasting an increase of about 30% in the number of Quebec athletes again this year in Valcourt, as in our entire circuit. The next generation is waiting for you, as are the pros who, for some, have reserved a season for us entirely in La Belle Province, given the pandemic. “

A snocross season in the current context requires many logistics. However, everything will be in place to respect the health instructions and ensure the athletes’ safety. The show will be no less captivating, on the contrary!

“We have the most impressive schedule in recent years,” assures Mathieu Buteau. The third round, which will take place in Valcourt, is one of the season’s most anticipated moments. More than ever this year, we are working with the GPSV team to provide a quality show. Our 125 athletes are already very excited to start the season! “


The 39th edition of the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt will occur from February 12th to 14th, 2021, on the legendary Yvon-Duhamel circuit. One can expect an exciting spectacle for speed and thrill-seekers!

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