Written by Vincent Lambert


The passion for snowmobile racing for the Arès family did not start yesterday. For several years, she was involved in the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt (GPSV). And the adventure in the industry has never stopped so well that she is now one of the ambassadors of the biggest motorsport event in the world.

It all started in 1995 with the GPSV and it continued until 2015 when Michel Arès held the positions of volunteer, coordinator and member of the board of directors.

“I remember that as soon as we had a little time, we went to see races for the adrenaline, the sound, the smell, the atmosphere of the crowd and above all, for the athletes who give everything to win at Valcourt », indicates the father.

Today, he shares his passion for racing with his two sons, Emrick and Charles-Antoine, who have been competing in snocross for several years. It’s hard to be more in the heart of the action! During his 20 years of volunteering, he has seen athletes wave checkered flags. And last season, he had the pleasure of seeing his two boys savoring their moment of glory too.

“I’m in the heat of the action  with my boys,” says Michel Arès. Since they were four years old, they have been attending the GPSV, comfortably installed in a box. No way to leave them at home, because they did not want to miss this weekend of races. For them, the passion started very young. “

Emrick and Charles-Antoine Arès received their first snowmobile at the age of six and four, respectively. If the two young athletes won several championships in motocross, they also quickly made their way into snocross.

At Valcourt, for example, they did not take time to shine, even finishing one behind the other in 2019 in the Junior 16-17 where Emrick took first place just ahead of his brother.During the SCMX Provincial Snocross Championship the following season, he added more by dominating the Sport class while Charles-Antoine finished first in the Junior 14-15, Junior 16-17 and Sport Lite classes.

“For several years, we have adopted a lifestyle focused on motocross and snocross racing,” explains Michel Arès. The whole family participates: preparation of the trailer, motorcycles and snowmobiles, suitcases, meals and registrations. Everything is  well organized; everyone has their task. Of course, you have to be disciplined, the academic results have to be good. Now we are proud to be an official GPSV Ambassador. “

To follow and support the Arès family, who live in Lawrenceville, it is possible to do so via Facebook (Team Arès Racing, Charlot Arès 66, ti-mé #88) and Instagram (its_time88 et charlot66ares).