Written by Vincent Lambert


The athlete from Saint-Prime, Francis Pelletier, was quick to take his place amongst the best in the world during his first season competing at the Pro level in Snocross. Francis finished the season in second place, in the American National Rankings, behind Elias Ishoel. 

When he debuted his season in the Pro Category, and over the last few months, Francis Pelletier did not know what to expect. He went to the United States without too much of a plan. 

“When you change categories, you never know what to expect, said the athlete who races with number 220. When I arrived there [on the track], I did a jump, and I found it was all really fast. However, I have put in the work to stay in shape. All of the things that I have done over the years, they still work.” 

The results arrived rapidly, working with Warnert Racing. He chained up some good positions, even considering some of the bad luck he endured during the season. With the preparation and work he put in, he has been able to compete at a high caliber, and do so for a long time.

“You spend a lot more time on the Ski-doo in the Pro versus the Pro lite. It is close to double the time. Now, there are two practices, and the qualification, all of which last longer. After that, it is time for the final. It’s a good final for the men. 10 minutes, again, a long time. If I compare it with the Pro Lite, it is quite a bit longer.”

However, no matter how much time he spends on his machine, it is never enough for Francis, who always wants more. 

“When you are Pro, you  train for this time frame”,’ notes Franics. You arrive, and you know it is going to last 10 minutes. Yet, it’s not long enough at the end of the season; laps are still missing.”

“The last season allowed for Francis Pelletier to learn that “anything can happen, right up to the last second”, and that “it takes right up to the last minute”. He doesn’t hide the fact that his career makes him very proud. 

“I give it my all, all the time, and I did what needed to be done to make progress. I have to break the psychological barrier of being able to make the podium. I still have to watch for several riders on the other side. It’s really fun. I’m really happy to be here and to be able to give everything that I can. ”

Between now and the next season, Francis Pelletier will take the time to recompose and start training, including mountain biking, to return to the top of his sport. To follow and support Francis Pelletier, it is possible to do so via Facebook and Instagram .