Oval racing fans will once again be able to see the popular Twin Track of the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt (GPSV) in demonstration on Circuit Yvon-Duhamel since it has been put back into operation thanks to the work of Richard Roberge, a retiree from the BRP Racing department.

The GPSV turned to the manufacturer’s competition division to restore its 1989 machine. And because the resident of Lefebvre had already worked on the Twin Track at the time, he agreed to restore it to everyone’s pleasure.

«The Twin Track belonged to Racing, says the main interested party, who rubbed shoulders with legends like Dave Wahl, Normand Pilote and Jacques Villeneuve. It was our reference machine, we always had a model left at the factory. It was given to the Grand Prix afterwards. »


Richard Roberge devoted no less than twenty hours at home to restart the racing machine, which was no longer produced by BRP since the other companies never developed a vehicle similar to this one for the competition.

Several parts of the snowmobile had to be changed such as the carburettors, but also the spark plugs, filters, fuel lines and more. All these components were accessible thanks to the participation of the BRP Racing department.

«All that was no longer working, says the man who now acts as technical director of the SCMX circuit. I don’t know for how many years it hadn’t worked, but when it was stopped […] everything had to be undone and completely redone. […] Everything that was available, I took it [at Racing]. »

During his 38 years of service for the Valcourt manufacturer, Richard Roberge was able to appreciate many vehicles passing in front of his eyes, but the Twin Track one always brings back good memories.

«In the curves, it’s the fastest we’ve ever had, recalls the man who worked for 15 years in the Racing department. The Twin Track was truly unique. All parts were made in Valcourt. It was quite interesting. »

Over the years, the GPSV Twin Track has been repainted to match the image of the event and presenter at the time. While the snowmobile is now repaired, the organization is looking at how it can refresh its two bodies.

« Now that the mechanic has been restored to working order, we are looking at the aesthetic side of the racing machine and how we can restore it to its former glory», indicates the general manager of the GPSV, Guillaume Cayer-Richard.

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