The athletes from the region put on quite a show this Saturday near Saint-Élie as part of the events of the Circuit de motoneige sur l’eau du Québec. Our team was on hand to observe their performance and chat with some of them.

Our digital marketing coordinator first went to meet Steven Marquis, a regular at the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt who has faced the best in Pro Champ on the Yvon-Duhamel circuit. 

He was scheduled to race in the drag and oval events on Saturday, but was not able, due to machine failures during practice.

“We decided last Sunday to take the old beast out of the garage and put it back in order to come here. It had been 7 years since she had served! During the practices, I caught a wave and the machine started to make a snake… “- Steven Marquis 

Check out our interview with him here.

Cédrick Phaneuf, a young athlete from East Angus also addressed our fans via our Facebook Story. Wearing number #354, he  secured the top position in jumps, completing in 37 seconds. We also saw it on water skis!

Athlete #98 from Saint-Denis-De-Brompton, Steve Cournoyer, won third place in Ovale Mod 600 and also in Drag Mod 600. His greatest feat was accomplished in Open Class when he was against six opponents, all cylinders combined. After the 6 laps, at a considerable degree of difficulty, he earned third place. 

His good friend Michael Laroche, #23, also from Saint-Denis-De-Brompton finished third in the Pro 600 Oval Final. He also received first place Oval Semi Pro 700 Drag. 

Claude Vaillancourt, #106, from Sherbrooke finished fourth in the Final Stock 700 and third place in the Final Stock 800.

We would also like to highlight the participation of Cristelle Veilleux, the only woman registered this year and her first participation since her serious snowmobile accident on the water in Saint-Élie in 2019. She says she is very happy to have been able to participate in the events!